Student Association

The student organization, namely the Students Association of Primary School Physical Education, Faculty of Sports Science UNY, is abbreviated as SAPSPE FSS UNY (HIMA PJSD PENJAS FIK UNY). The symbol of SAPSPE FSS UNY has the following meanings:

  1. The name written in the symbol is SAPSPE FSS UNY.

  2. The star shape represents SAPSPE FSS UNY, which brightens the students' organization (ormawa). So, when the students’ organization feels dark, the SAPSPE FSS UNY illuminates it.

  3. The five rings show a relationship and cooperation between students’ organizations.

  4. The pentagon shape represents the idea that the SAPSPE FSS UNY is implementing Pancasila as its principle.

  5. The yellow color symbolizes the characteristic color of the Faculty of Sports Science.

  6. The blue color symbolizes wisdom.

  7. Circle logo with yellow in its center and the words "FIK UNY" on it shows that the SAPSPE FSS UNY is under the umbrella of the Faculty of Sports Science, UNY.