Student Dormitory

The leaflet below contains the information regarding Student Dormitory of Faculty of Sport Science (FSS), UNY.  The dormitory located at Jl. Colombo No. 1, Karangmaahng, Yogyakarta (telephone/fax: (0274) 550826, 513092, 512470; email:; website: for more information  It provides some rooms for 164 students in total with capacity details as follows:


Male Students Dormitory:

Cik Ditiro Dormitory          : 39 students

Sparta Dormitory              : 86 students

Total                                  :125 students

Female Students Dormitory:

Olimpiade Dormitory        : 2 students

Athena Dormitory             : 6 students

Veni Dormitory                  : 16 students

Vidi Dormitory                   : 6 students

Vici Dormitory                   : 9 students

Total                                  : 39 students

Furthermore, the dormitory also provides some facilities, they are:

  • Bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Television
  • Shoe shelf
  • Electricity
  • WiFi
  • Clothes drying space
  • Living room
  • Clean bathroom
  • Sport exercise facilities
  • Garden
  • Comfortable dining room

Below is the price rate for the dormitory rent*:


Type of Dormitory Room


Rental Price per Year


Type A

(New cik ditiro, vidi, and vidi dormitory)

Free WiFi, new building, comfortable bed, living room, kitchen

Rp 3.500.000


Type B

(cik ditiro, Sparta, Athena, and veni dormitory)

Free WiFi, comfortable bed, living room

Rp 2.500.000


Type C

(cik ditiro dormitory)

Free WiFi, comfortable bed, living room (only 2 rooms alvailable)

Rp 2.000.000

(*daily meal cost: Rp 10.000 per portion)

Moreover, there are supporting facilities around the dormitory, including:

  • Islamic prayer room
  • Garden
  • Green open space
  • HSC health service
  • Fitness centre
  • Gazebo

In addition, the dormitory is equipped with CCTV for 24 hours full protection. For more information, the readers could contact Doni (0878 3933 1008) or Gatta (0812 2838 0013) via WhatsApp.

The picture below show the map Student Dormitory of Faculty of Sport Science, UNY.


  1. UNY rectorate building
  2. UNY GPLA building
  3. UNY Sports Arena (GOR)
  4. FSS UNY integrated laboratory
  5. HSC UNY building
  6. FSS UNY badminton building
  1. FSS UNY Sports area management office
  2. Sparta male dormitory
  3. Cik Ditiro male dormitory
  4. Athena female dormitory
  5. Olimpiade female dormitory
  6. Veni female dormitory
  7. Vidi female dormitory
  8. Vici female dormitory